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The Siamese Trulli

The Trulli Siamesi rise on the top of via Monte Nero, built on the outcropping rock, and circumscribed by a buttress, with raw foundations, made up of boulders. On the top appears this particular trullo, probably among the oldest in Alberobello. Its peculiarity lies in the double shape of the cover: a continuous double cone. From the outside, the recess between the two cones appears to be continuous precisely because it was filled, that is, "saddled" by the master trullaro who built the building. This feature, absent in the more recent trulli, gives further confirmation of the archaic nature of the building. Inside, there is a low fireplace and there are no windows. In ancient times, the different rooms were made communicating by a small door.

Two different elevations, one for each trullo, and two distinct entrances, each facing two different streets, characterize this trullo.

An ancient legend has it that the Siamese Trullo was inhabited by two brothers, of which the eldest was the betrothed of a girl. She, however, fell in love with her younger brother, and the two became lovers, so that coexistence between brothers became unsustainable. The elder, angry, chased away the two lovers, and claimed the birthright over the house. But even the minor appealed to the right to receive his part of the trullo as an inheritance, so that it was divided into two parts, with all due respect.

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